STFC Mayday Results

Lightweight Bout: Danny Salinas (13-6) defeated Booker Arthur (3-5) via KO (head kick) 1:44 of the third round.
Welterweight Bout: Victor Martinez (3-2) defeated Miguel Bustos Jr. (2-1) via unanimous decision (30-26, 30-26, 30-26).
Featherweight Bout: Leroy Martinez (3-3) defeated Ruben Martinez (1-3) via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).
Featherweight Bout: Stephen Perez (3-0) defeated Mike Lytle (1-5) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).
Welterweight Bout: Gilbert Urbina (1-0) defeats Salvador Gonzalez (0-1) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).
Featherweight Bout: Eduardo Bustillos (3-0) defeats Raul Ramos (0-1) via submission (rear-naked choke) at 1:07 of the second round.
Middleweight Bout: Elias Urbina (1-0) defeats Joshua Sharpless (0-6) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 29-28).

The Gotch Special Awards
KO of the Night: Danny Salinas
Fight of the Night: Victor Martinez vs Miguel Bustos Jr.
Submission of the Night: Eduardo Bustillos

The main event to STFC 29: Mayday featured the spectacular return of one of STFC’s proudest fighters. Danny Salinas of Edinburg looked to give the fans something to remember when he signed off for a showdown with Booker Arthur, a Rusk, TX native. A jab to the body by Salinas, then a left by him. Arthur accidently pokes him in the eye, which stops the fight momentarity. Salinas lands a good punch and knee that rocks Arthur. Arthur stumbles back and tries to take down Salinas, which leaves his side of the head open for nasty, brutal elbows. It looked like Arthur went limp for a moment but he survives. Salinas is now on top of him, landing hard strikes. He goes for a kimura, and nails Arthur with hard body punches. In the half-guard position, Salinas attempts a straight armbar, but Arthur gives a thumbs up to the referee. From the stockade position, Salinas lands a few good shots before Arthur puts him in his guard.

Arthur is a bit aggressive to start, and lands a few good punches and a pair of leg kicks. Salinas hits a leg kick and a head kick, then zips in with a few punches. Arthur is now trying to take Salinas down. Salinas lands a nice knee to the body, and some more elbows to the side of the head. Arthur finally takes him down after a few attempts. Arthur tries to take Salinas’ back but he falls forward as Salinas slips out. Salinas is now on top, riding him, until they get back up. Arthur tries to take him down again, and Salinas lands some more good elbows on Arthur. He sneaks up behind Salinas and takes his back, first with one hook, before getting both hooks in. He tries to lock in the rear naked choke, but Salinas defended well. Arthur mounts him briefly, then lands some good punches on him. They scramble back up, are tied up in a clinch, and Salinas pulls free as the horn sounds.

The final round starts with Arthur hitting a low blow on Salinas. When the fight gets re-started, Salinas lands a good right hand. Arthur lands a few punches that look good, and scores a takedown. He takes Salinas back, but can’t hold him there. Salinas escapes and lands an axe kick on Arthur, who is on his back, on the ground. Arthur gets back up. Salinas lands a leg kick, and a head kick. Arthur answers back with a kick and a punch that connect. Salinas scores with a right, and a monstrous head kick that knocks Arthur out cold. Brutal

In the co-main event of the evening, Edinburg’s Miguel Bustos Jr. took on Pharr’s Victor Martinez. A body kick by Bustos lands hard to start things off. Martinez lands a jab. A leg kick by Bustos is answered back by a hard body kick by Martinez. Bustos is following Martinez around the cage. Martinez starts landing what would be a significant blow in this fight — push kick to the knee cap. Bustos is trying to overwhelm Martinez with elbows and knees from the clinch. Martinez fights back by countering him with punches. A low blow by Martinez puts a stop to the action. When it resumes, Bustos lands a body kick but Martinez fires back. A trio of kicks to the knee by Martinez. Bustos returns a kick to Martinez’s leg. Bustos hits a combination, while Martinez lands a left. The round ends with both fighters tied up in a clinch.

Martinez is going after Bustos’ leg with kicks. Then he lands a kick to the body, while returning his attack down low with several strikes. A hard right hand sends Bustos down to the canvas. He recovers but eats another push kick to the leg. Martinez lands a one-two. Bustos rushes forward, and starts striking from the clinch. He starts throwing elbows and knees, hoping to overwhelm martinez with strikes. Martinez gets away, and lands a leg kick. A nice knee to the body by Bustos. The round ends with Martinez landing another leg kick.

Martinez counters a kick by throwing a hard punch to Bustos’ body. Bustos hits a good punch as he backs away. Martinez is putting pressure on Bustos, who is bloodied. Martinez push kicks his knee twice. They clinch, and Bustos takes him down. He tries to sneak in a rear naked choke but it’s not there. Bustos hits some good elbows, one which was absoloutely violent. Martinez reverses the position to end the fight on top of Bustos (at this point Bustos was deducted one point). All three judges had it 30-26, ruling in favor of Martinez in a unanimous decision victory.

In a battle of the Rio Grande Valley vs San Antonio, Leroy Martinez of Mission showcased his striking against Ruben Martinez. They have a feeling process, and then, Leroy starts to find his rhythm. He starts backing Ruben up, and landing some good uppercuts and leg kicks. Ruben attempts a takedown but Leroy stays on his feet. Leroy lands a two big right hands to end the round.

In the second frame, Leroy lands a good punch to the body. Ruben tries to take him down, but it’s Leroy who manages to get the takedown. Ruben gets backup, but Leroy gets him down again. Ruben cage walks to get up, and lands some good knees. Leroy starts pressing him against the cage, and Ruben goes for a guillotine choke that doesn’t work. Leroy’s now in half-guard, on top of Ruben. Both get up as the round ends.

Nice jab from Leroy to open things up. Right from Leroy, and Ruben shoots in. Leroy teased a choke but it didn’t come through. Ruben keeps trying to take him down. They separate and Leroy lands two sharp japs. Leroy is outstriking him, and lands two solid leg kicks. Ruben starts swinging wildly but Leroy is landing the more accurate shots. Two good punches by Leroy are followed by a leg kick, a jab to the body, a jab to the head, and a big right hand. That last punch hurt Ruben. Leroy tries to go for the kill as the fight finishes. The judges had it 30-27, 29-28, 29-28, with Leroy being announced as the winner.
In the featherweight division, Stephen Perez of McAllen, TX, defended the Valley territory against Austin’s Mike Lytle. Both start by swinging hard. Lytle looked to be doing good, when Perez shoots in. They are clinching against the cage. Perez tries to get a flying guillotine choke, and then drops back. Lytle escapes, and Perez tries an armbar. Lytle finds a way out. They get back up, and Lytle goes after Perez with a flurry of punches. It looks like Perez might be hurt, but he takes Lytle down. Lytle sweeps him, and goes for a leglock. But Perez avoids it and winds up on top. Perez gets side control, and lands some good elbows. Lytle puts him back in his guard, and Perez lands some good punches on top as the first frame ends.

In the second round, Perez starts by throwing a kick and slipping. He recovers and takes Lytle down. He is punching him hard on the mat, against the cage. He is patient, and measures in some good ground and pound while in Lytle’s guard. Lytle pushes him away briefly, throwing up kicks, one of which lands good. Perez lands a good punch to finish strong.

Perez takes him down twice to start the third round. In half-guard, Lytle tries to get a guillotine choke, but Perez gets side control. They get back up, but Perez pushes him against the cage. Frank Trevino is asking Perez to take his back. Perez takes the back, and the round ends with Lytle trying to get a knee on Perez. Perez is announced as the winner, and the scorecards are 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28.

In welterweight competition, Weslaco’s Gilbert Urbina stepped into the cage with McAllen’s Salvador Gonzalez. After a short feeling out process, a one-two by Urbina sends Gonzalez back. Urbina gets a huge, high-angle slam on Gonzalez. Urbina controls Gonzalez’s legs, trying to land strikes while standing. Gonzalez kicks one of Urbina’s legs away to get back up. A big right hand from Urbina appears to have hurt Gonzalez. They clinch again, and Urbina gets a second, impressive takedown. Urbina takes his back with one hook. Gonzalez reverses to get on top, but they scramble and the fight returns to its feet. Urbina takes him down to end the first stanza.

Urbina is trying to work his jab, and use his reach. They exchange a few strikes, then Urbina shoots in. Gonzalez is down on the mat, but tries to get a guillotine choke from an odd angle. It doesn’t work, and both get back up. Urbina shoots in and gets a takedown. He gets side control, knee on belly, but as Gonzalez tries to escape, his back is taken. An armbar attempt by Urbina doesn’t work, but he stays on top of Gonzalez as the round ends.

In the third round, it’s more of the same, as Urbina gets a takedown. From a scramble, an omaplata attempt arises from Urbina. He’s now on top, and trying to land strikes on Gonzalez. Urbina gets his back, then sneaks in an arm triangle attempt. But it doesn’t work. Urbina takes his back again, then mount. That sequence is repeated, with punches sprinkled in, as the fight closes. Urbina is announced as the winner, with the scorecards being 30-27, 30-27 and 29-28.

The second fight tonight involved Mexico’s Eduardo Bustillos and Mission’s Raul Ramos. Ramos attempts to land a big right but Bustillos avoids it and tries to go for a standing guillotine choke against the cage. Ramos gets away from that, and they clinch against the cage. They exchange a few wild strikes, then Bustillos goes for the guillotine choke again. Bustillos lands a knee to the body and tries another guillotine. Bustillos starts to take over, overwhelming Ramos with knees, elbows, and punches. Bustillos takes him down, lands some strikes. They get back up, and Ramos tries to throw Bustillos, but on the ground, Bustillos gets his back and lands a knee.

Ramos starts the round by landing a nice body kick. Bustillos is aggressive though, and starts landing some more knees to the body. Bustillos gets behind him, and drags him down to the blue canvas. While Ramos is in a sitting position, Bustillos slips in his forearm under Ramos’ chin, and locks in the rear-naked choke. Ramos taps out, giving Bustillos the submission victory at 1:07.

In the opening bout of the evening, Weslaco’s Elias Urbina took on McAllen’s Joshua Sharpless. Sharpless tries to take Urbina down, but it leads to a scramble. Urbina lands a few knees to Sharpless’ body. A body kick by Urbina lands hard. Urbina gets in a headkick, and then a takedown. Urbina lands some elbows to the body. Urbina gets the back, sinks his hooks in, but Sharpless manages to escape to get on top. He lands some ground and pound and takes his back. Sharpless tries to get a rear-naked choke, but he’s too high, and they both get back on their feet. Sharpless finishes the period by taking Urbina down.

In the second round, Sharpless rushes in. Urbina lands an elbow while Sharpless works towards a single leg. Sharpless finally takes him down with a trip. He advances to mount, where he begins to land sharp strikes on Urbina that cut him open badly. The referee, Jacob Montalvo, stops the fight to have the doctor check on the cut. The doctor allows the fight to continue, and the fight gets re-started on the ground. Urbina is bleeding profusely, with Sharpless on top of him. Sharpless goes for an armbar, but Urbina slips out. Urbina now has Sharpless against the cage, and starts landing big strikes on him as the round expires. Wild round.

In the third round, Urbina hits another body kick. Sharpless pressures forward and takes the fight to the ground again. Sharpless briefly gets his back, but Urbina reverses to get on top. Urbina is riding him, then lands a knee to the body. He sinks in his hooks, but Sharpless defends. Urbina is now in half-guard, landing strikes, including a hard elbow. Urbina is riding him, then gets on top, and starts landing hard strikes as the fight closes. The judges awarded the fight to Urbina, with the announced scorecards reading as 30-27, 30-27, and 29-28.

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