STFC Celebrates it’s 10 Year Anniversary

With a few weeks out from STFC 45, it should also be noted that today, February 16th, is the 10 year anniversary of STFC’s first show(although the name of the promtion was STFL), “New Blood”. This soldout event was hosted at the venue formerly called the Pharr Convention Center and featured four fights with Deuce King taking on Luis Vega in the main event with DJ Fuentes fighting on the undercard. Since then STFC has produced 44 pro MMA events(also one boxing event under the STFC banner) and has featured 320 fights from 315 different fighters from all around the world(I did the math). STFC has provided a platform for fighters, specifically the Rio Grande Valley, to showcase their skills to help them get to the next level. You know the names already but some that come to mind is former two-time division champ and former UFC fighter Frank Trevino, former STFC lightweight champ Diego Ferreira(who will be fighting in Austin this weekend for UFC), Ricardo Palacios(face of Combate Americas), Erik Perez(first UFC signee from STFC who is now fighting for Combate Americas) and Luke Flores(fought for Bellator and an opportunity for a UFC contract).

To help celebrate the anniversary I thought I would put a few of my favorite moments from the promotion and would be delighted if you did the same. Congrats to STFC for reaching this milestone and we look forward to many more years.


Favorite Fights

Eli Rodriguez vs Peyton Burns(STFC 39)

Andrew Garza vs Joshua Trevino(STFC 23)

Mike Bustos vs Victor Martinez (STFC 29)


Most Memorable Knockouts

































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