STFC 45 Faceoff – Chris Cuadra/Robert Rodriguez

In the latest edition of STFC 45 faceoff, Raul Ramos sits down with Chris Cuadra and Robert Rodriguez to discuss their fight on March 2nd. This fight will be a rematch of their amateur clash that happened at STFC 42 where Cuadra took home the ‘W’ but the victory was marred by controversy. The judges each had 29-28 in favor of Cuadra but some people thought the fight could have gone either way. This fight will be the professional debut for both fighters.

Ramos starts off the interview by asking the man with stone cold eyes, Rodriguez, his reaction towards the matchup when Ramos called him. Rodriguez stated he wanted the matchup to rectify his performance last May because there was lots of talk of who actually won the fight among STFC fans. Cuadra responded by saying that after the fight was done, he knew Rodriguez would be wanting a rematch and that he was willing to give him another shot after the war they went through. Cuarda went on to say he has something to prove this fight and that the fight will not go the distance.

Ramos then asked Rodriguez about his gameplan to which Rodriguez stated that there will be nothing different except that Cuadra won’t be getting up after he drops him. In the past outing, Rodriguez dropped Cuadra about two times but was unable to seal the fight. Cuarda talked about the knockdowns and said the first one did some damage but the second knockout was due to being off balanced and that it wouldn’t happen again because he is working on his footwork and standup. Rodriguez seemed unconcerned and a bit bothered by that statement as he glared at Cuadra while letting Cuadra know that his standup as gotten “whole lot better” and then called into question Cuadra’s stamina.

This is where things started to get a little heated.

Cuadra responded to Rodriguez’s questioning by pointing out that he still won the first round and that Rodriguez was in danger of losing between rounds due to a cut. Rodriguez dismissed the claim stating that since it was in the amateurs, the state had to be cautious. Rodriguez then said it was nothing but a black eye which Cuadra disputed with a smile. Ramos then asked both fighters how they see the fight going and both fighters agreed that there will be a finish.

This barn burner of a fight goes down on March 2nd. Today is the last day for the $13 tickets so go cop them from the Mcallen Convention Center now!


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