Saul Elizondo Defends Clerk, Stops Shoplifting Incident

A shoplifter learned the hard way why they call Saul Elizondo “El Mero Mero”. The bantamweight fighter was just visiting his local Circle K(remember those!) in his new home of Albuquerque, New Mexico when he noticed something wasn’t right. As the two alleged shoplifters were confronted by the store clerk, a scuffle broke out which caused Elizondo to intervene.

Elizondo said, “As soon as he brought his hand back I just like, rushed the guy. I caught him from behind and I kinda like, took him down and I took his back and kinda controlled the situation before he would hurt the people who work there.”

He went on to say “…some of my friends are saying I’m a hero but I really don’t think I was a hero at all. I consider myself a martial artist and I know that any other of my martial artist colleagues would’ve done the same thing,” but I think he’s just being humble.

Great job, Saul! Keep making us proud.

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